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Team Workshop

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Align your Personal WHY.os with your Business.

The Business WHY.os is the next crucial step in your WHY journey. This workshop helps you define WHY your business does what it does, HOW it delivers your WHY, and WHAT people can ultimately count on from your Business. It is time for your Business to Get Clear, Stand Out, and Play Bigger. 

“In the Business WHY.os workshop, we experienced renewed clarity about how to target our work more exactly to those who need it, it feels like we have a new company!”

Ben Thomson & Chris Kenny

Your Investment

 Our online Business WHY.os Course is only $7,000! 

Your Result

You will leave having clarity on who you are individually and how you align as a Team. You will gain valuable insight into WHY you do what you do, HOW you bring that to the world and WHAT your customers can count on you for. You will also create external messaging to attract the right clients to your Business.

It is time to take your business to the next level! 

Business WHY.os Workshop Agenda

During Day 1, we will review all the necessary steps get down to the importance of building your Business WHY.os based on the leader of your business.

– Discover each team member’s Personal WHY.os to deepen their self-awareness

– Discuss the Personal WHY.os of each team member to identify how you fit together

– Apply your Personal WHY.os to your Business to establish a unified direction

– Develop your Business WHY.os

– Design your internal communication based on your Business WHY.os

– Learn how to find your Business WHO (Your ideal client) based on your WHY

– Connect emotionally with your clients by creating your Business Story

During Day 2, we will review all the necessary steps get down to the importance of building your WHY based messaging encompassing your Business WHY.os learned in the Business WHY.os Day 1 Workshop.

– Learn how to build your Business’ Message based off of your WHY

– Create your Business WHY Vision Step by Step 

– Understand what your ideal client WANTS, so you can market to them with the right message

– Create “We Believe” Statements that help you attract clients that believe what you believe

– Build a powerful and remarkable tagline based on your WHY

 – Learn how to create and share your WHY Business Creed

– Leave knowing WHY you do what you do, and who you are as a company

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is scheduled to be on 2 different days ( back to back or a couple weeks apart depending on your date choice). Each day will be 6-8 hours long. Currently all of these workshops are only offered online due to COVID restrictions.

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