Team WHY.os

Knowing Your WHY is the Essential First Step in Self-Awareness.

But there’s more to you than your WHY.

Your WHY.os is the Operating System that Drives you.

We believe life’s challenging questions become easier when you know your Personal WHY.os, your Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT. And now that you know your WHY.os, don’t you want to know the WHY.os of the team you work with on a daily basis? Then the Team WHY.os is the logical next step.

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Knowing your WHY helps you stand out from everyone else that does what you do.

The WHY Discovery consists of roughly 1500 question choices however you will only have to answer about 10 to 12 questions to discover your WHY. Each answer uses logic to give you the right next question while it triple checks your answers to reveal your specific WHY based on what drives you.

What can you expect?

During the Team WHY.os we will help you and your team Discover each of your individual WHY.os so you’ll know how everyone on your team operates.  We’ll discover the WHY of everyone on the team.  And we’ll dive deep into the HOW and the WHAT of every individual on the team.  

We’ll build your own Team WHY.os Matrix where you’ll be able to see the WHY.os of everyone on the team at a glance.  And we’ll talk about the importance of talking to each other WHY to WHY. 

We’ll go through an exercise that shows you how everyone on your team ranks each of the 9 WHY’s from 1 through 9.  You’ll know what’s most important to your team members and what is least important.  We’ll also identify opportunities for growth and optimization.  

We’ll develop each team member’s Personal WHY.os Statement.  The elevator pitch that you can say to anyone you work with or any client you potentially engage so they know who you are and decide at a Limbic level whether or not they want to do business with you.  We’ll discuss the benefits of knowing this about your clients also.

“Dr. Gary Sanchez (the Founder of The WHY Institute), gave a keynote presentation to our clients and his presentation was outstanding! Not only was his content amazing, he helped over 100 people discover their WHY right there on the spot! Since I first read the book “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek , 12 years ago, I have attempted to help literally hundreds of clients discover their WHY, which is very difficult! Gary Sanchez has “unlocked the code” and can help people discover their WHY in 5 minutes! .”

Mark Tobiassen

What’s Your Investment?

Invest $2500 in the Team WHY.os (for five people) today and watch your team's potential unfold. We believe life’s challenging questions become easier when you know your WHY.os and everyone needs to know their WHY.os. It is time for you to make this small investment to unlock the code to your team’s success.